Rancvist Bank, the latest fintech in town, is set to win five million business-to-business customers within three years. An online banker dedicated to traditional banking and cryptocurrency payment technology, Rancvist Bank plans to have millions of committed clients by 2021. The internet financial institution is also rolling out debit cards featuring multi-currency denominations and crypto finances.

Unlike other financial institutions that grow in stages over several years, Rancvist Bank will be raising millions of dedicated customers within three years of launch. This will be made possible by the dedicated team of financial and crypto experts behind the company. There is also invested shareholders committed to growing the new fintech within the shortest time possible. Add to these the solid binary system and blockchain technology upon which Rancvist Bank is built, and you have a B2B fintech you can trust.

Considering the phenomenal rate at which the online financial institution is growing, analysts say Rancvist Bank will achieve unicorn status within a couple years. What this means is that the company will be worth one billion in no time. Industry sources say Rancvist Bank is a fintech company arriving before its time, given the buzz surrounding its operations and the futuristic technology it uses.

What sets this online banking company apart from the competition is its integration of fiat money and crypto payments on the same platform. When B2B customers sign up with Rancvist Bank, they are able to access online banking systems that enable them to utilize digital multi-currencies and cryptos on the same platform. With the upcoming Rancvist Bank debit cards, customers will possess multi-currencied cards and denominated cryptos on the same cards. This will accord users greater options in deciding what to use when they are transacting online payments.

Integrating traditional banking with blockchain technology on a single online system is the best thing that can happen in the fintech industry. Based on this, it is estimated that up to one million B2B businesses and million others from the crypto sector are signing up on Rancvist Bank soon for this reason. Apart from the choice to use digital GBP, EUR and USD currencies, customers will also be able to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple among others. Users will also be able to conduct currency exchanges between cryptos and fiat money for international payment purposes.

With very low administrative and maintenance fees, users can enjoy cheaper transactions with Rancvist Bank than with other payment platforms. According to the company, account opening fees can only be deducted from users’ accounts; and there is no requirement to transfer funds in advance. And to sweeten the deal, customers will have unique IBAN numbers assigned to them with each multi-currency online account they hold.


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